KITPAS Bath Pencils

KITPAS Bath Pencils


“Draw in the bath! This is what Kitpas offers our children.

And it works!!! They look like small fish in the water.

The bath is a moment of play, of relaxation for some, of euphoria for others !! :)

It is a moment when the child tells himself full of STORIES.

The coolest combo for a super, fun time in the bath is:

magnets + crayons Bain Kitpas

As you know, our magnets are 100% WATERPROOF, and stick to windows and tiles by wetting them a little.

♡ ♡ ♡

product description:

- box of 3 pencils with suction cup which clips to the wall.

- the pencils float in the water

- nontoxic

- made in Japan by Kitpas

- + 3 years

Complies with CE En71 standards.

Do not put in the mouth!