La Fabrikabrac

La Fabrikabrac


A Fabrik for our little artists!

43 magnets with geometric and colorful shapes, inspired by the Memphis style, to layer and

combine to create new creatures that come straight out of your child's imagination!

But that's not all, a TANGRAM is hidden in this Fabrik!

The game of Tangram is complex, and not that easy for the little ones !

With © La Fabrikabrac, we invite you to approach this game gently.

In order to become familiar with the TANGRAM, the kid will first be able to associate them with

the other geometric shapes. Little by little, remove them and keep only those of the TANGRAM.

All magnetic shapes have rounded corners. This is something that we are very careful about. All

our magnets are carefully designed and made for your little ones.


100% Recyclable, Slate sold separately

Details: 43 magnet (s)

Format: 20cm x 29.5cm (h)

Weight: 200gr

Age: From 3 years old

Materials: Waterproof flexible magnetic material

Made in France


Ma Cabane à Rêves® products comply with EU Regulations.