La Fabrikapoupées_Frika

La Fabrikapoupées_Frika


After Asia, Ma Cabane à Rêves® takes you to Africa!


For this second series of La Fabrikapoupées, Ma Cabane à Rêves® wanted to dress african dolls with colorful patterns and animals.

You can easily mix this collection with La Fabrikapoupées_Asia and La Mini Fabrikarnaval.



100% Recyclable, Slate sold separately

Details: 32 magnet (s)

Format: 20cm x 29.5cm (h)

Weight: 200gr

Age: From 3 years old

Materials: Waterproof flexible magnetic material

Made in France


Illustration: Lorraine Duval


Ma Cabane à Rêves® products comply with EU Regulations.