Ma Cabane à Rêves®

imagination is limitless.

We rethinks the new generation of magnets to develop Kids creativity ! !

Our magnets are:


Interchangeable. Create infinite combinations to tell thousands of stories;


Flexible. For a better grip of the magnets;


Colorful and graphic. Awaken the creative sense of your child;


Produced with care. Delicately and accurately cut, ensuring all magnet angles are well rounded for safety;


Resistant. A soft, smooth surface to protect from scratches and fingerprints;


Waterproof. Play in the bath and even draw on them with water-erasable crayons;

French touch. Designed and produced in France by local designers;


Green. Do not throw away the frame! It can be used as a puzzle, a stencil or a cookie cutter! :)

photos: @according_to_e and @mostlymosi

Ma cabane à Rêves® has redesigned the magnetic school board of our

childhood with new colors and new shapes!

With our finely designed magnetic white boards, creating has become even more fun by mixing magnets next to the child’s very own personal drawings/writings!

Imagination is limitless.

Three shapes: House, Moon, School

Colors: Opaline, Coral, Nude, Abyss, Mist, Honey

WARNING. We do not recommend the use of adhesive magnetic sheets and magnetic painting with our magnets.
The magnetic force of these supports is weak and therefore unsuitable for our magnets which tend to slip and fall.
The superposition of the magnetic shapes will not be possible.
This is why we have developed the School and Cabin Slates which offer a greater magnetic force, suitable for our magnet collections.

Kitpas®: eco_friendly and water_erasable crayons !

12 crayons to write and draw on our whiteboards and magnets. Made in Japan ! 

Simply use a wet cloth to erase the drawings. // You can even use them on glass windows :)

Non toxic, eco-friendly. Made with paraffin so they’re dust-free. Odorless and easy for little hands to hold.

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